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​From flags and banners to paint and website hosting, all proceeds directly fund the efforts of

The Royal Guard Supporters Group.

Prices includes taxes and shipping.

MEMBERS ONLY: Pride sticker

2- and 3-in. sizes
In stock
Product Details

Individual stickers at these prices are only available to current Royal Guard members.

These stickers are available in two diameters (2 and 3 inches) to fit anywhere—on a water bottle, phone case, laptop, bicycle, and more—to show your love for the Guard and for the team that we adore. They feature strong, acrylic adhesive and are suitable for outdoor use.

The Royal Guard Supporters Group is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Membership proceeds go directly toward funding materials for tifo, merch, operational costs for the season, etc.

PRO TIP: Clean the surface before applying the stickers!

U.S. shipping is free. Contact us at for international orders. This item is also available at home matches at our concourse table before kickoff.

(Sharpie shown for scale only and is not included.)

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