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Got a question that's not covered here? Reach out to us at

Where in the stadium is the supporters section? What is The Keep? 

Our section is 122, behind the south goal, next to the drumline and band, Reign City Riot (chart below). We affectionately call our section The Keep. 

My ticket in The Keep has a seat number. Is there reserved seating? 

Nope! The section is general admission, despite what your ticket might say. Oh, and just so you know, we don’t really sit a lot. 

I’m not (yet) a Royal Guard member. Can I still buy season tickets in The Keep?

Yup! If you’re up for cheering, clapping, singing, waving flags, and twirling scarves with us, you’re welcome anytime.  

Can I buy discounted single-match tickets in The Keep? 

Yes, special $17.60 single-match tickets in The Keep (Sec. 122), as well Secs. 121 and 123 on either side, are now available:
Support the Reign, support the Royal Guard, have a great time, and save money? Yes, please! (You do not have to be a Royal Guard member for this deal, but we'd love for you to support us and join.)

I have a reserved ticket elsewhere in the stadium. Can I join y'all in The Keep anyway?

Yes, come on by and help us show the team some love! Pick up a flag and start cheering with us anytime. 

Do you organize watch parties for away matches?

Watch party locations vary. Check our Insta and Twitter feeds for details.

How can I find out about volunteering with the Royal Guard? 

Get in touch at! The more you volunteer, the more the Royal Guard can do for our team! 

SRFC seating chart for 2024

We need your help!

If you would like to join our fun and welcoming crew, email Ken at We are looking for help with matchday setup/teardown, tifo production, drumming, merch, and comms (membership emails). 

Unsure where you fit in and still want to help out? That's great too! Let us know you're interested and we'll find a spot for you.

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